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Are you looking for a hose supplier that can come up to your specific needs? Please feel free to contact Goodall Hoses!

The number one hose supplier for a reason

At Goodall, we have been providing industrial hose solutions for over 100 years. The quality construction of our critical service hoses, delivers high performance at a low lifetime cost. We custom blend our compounds and build strength with braided textile or wire reinforcement. By keeping in touch with our customers, we match our hose solutions to their applications and expectations.

In which markets is Goodall active?

At Goodall, we know that every customer is different and requires different products. That’s why we categorize our products under different markets. The markets in which we are a premium hose supplier are:

A hose supplier with an eye for environmental sustainability

Quality is evident at Goodall, but we are very well aware of the fact that environmental sustainability is very important. So we are very committed to keep on improving the sustainability of our products and preventing pollution, wherever we can.

Different types of rubber hoses

As we said before: different customers require different products. We are hose supplier of many products. A few examples:

  • In the chemical and petrochemical market: Kemflex SD. This rubber hose is very suitable for suction and discharge applications in chemical plants, ships and barge and tank truck services;
  • In the mining market: Wear King. This hose is very suitable for discharge of sand, pebble lime or other highly abrasive dry materials;
  • In the food and beverage market: Nutralon. This food suction and discharge hose is suitable for the transfer of milk products, animal fat, vegetable oil, fruit juices and other food products. Each GOODALL hose has its own value and is developed according to many international standards such as FDA, USDA, Bfr, EN1935/2004 and 3A which are safeguarding hygiene, sanitation and safety.


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