High quality plastic and thermoplastic hoses

Thanks to a strong focus on know-how and innovation, Goodall® offers high quality plastic and thermoplastic hoses to meet the market’s requirements with high quality products.

As one of the world's market leaders, with a unique product range, we are pleased to assist you with all your queries. 

Meeting the changing customer needs

At Goodall®, we are well aware of the fact that customer needs change everyday. That’s why we pay attention to their needs and adapt our products to them. We offer a wide range of services - such as advanced compounding, punctilious manufacturing and top-quality engineering - to meet the increasing customization and system criteria that our customers expect from us. 

Applications of our plastic hoses

Our plastic hoses are applied in a variety of different markets such as standard hydraulics, ultra high pressure applications, and oil & gas industry. They are, for example, often used in: 

  • refineries;
  • petrochemical;
  • and the general industries.

Plastic hoses in the spotlight: the NITRO series

nitro-blue.jpg nitro-purple.jpg

  • NITRO BLUE: For use in nitrogen service to purge lines in refineries, petrochemical, and general industries. 
  • NITRO PURPLE: the material cover is made from purple thermoplastic.

Why do our customers trust us? 

We provide expert technical support and custom-made hose assemblies as well as complementary products to support their applications and decrease their downtime. Due to our global presence we offer our customers the convenience, comfort and amenities of a local service provider.

More information about our plastic hoses? 

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