Instructions for hose use, care & maintenance


Our guide is based on recognized industry recommendations from sources such as NAHAD,  RMA, etc. and the experience gained by the manufacturers of Goodall Products (“Goodall”) over many years. It is intended to serve as a guide for the Use, Care, and Maintenance of Hose and Hose Assemblies. 

Historically, Goodall’s customers have requested information pertaining to use, care, and maintenance of Goodall hose and hose assemblies. As a result, Goodall has assembled this resource to improve users’ understanding. This information should be made available to all users of Goodall’s hose and hose assemblies.

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General instructions for hose use, care and maintenance


Hose Use

Typically, hoses are designed to transfer product(s) and to operate in a dynamic work environment. This operation can present a serious safety hazard if safe operating procedures are not followed! 

Not all hose and couplings are designed for the same uses and it is critical for the user to understand how and what is important for the safe and correct use of a hose assembly. It is always necessary to know the conditions and application concerning the intended service of any particular hose before you use or request a hose. 

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End users desire to maximize the safety and service life of a product. To accomplish this, the user has to maintain specific care during use of the hose assembly to insure continued safe operations.

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