Satisfactory performance and appearance depend upon proper hose installation. Excessive length 
destroys the trim appearance of an installation and adds unnecessarily to the cost of contraction will 
cause poor power transmission and shorten the life of the hose. 

hose-assembly-1 hose-assembly-2
Since hose may change in length 
under the surge of high pressure, 
provide sufficient slack for 
Due to changes in length when 
hose is pressurized, do not clamp 
at bends so curves absorb changes. 
Do not clamp high and low.
hose-twist-2 hose-length
Avoid sharp twist or bend in hose 
by using proper angle adapters.
Adequate hose length is most 
important to distribute movement 
on flexing applications and to avoid 
radius-hose twist-hoses
Where the radius falls below the 
required minimum, an angle 
adapter should be used as shown 
above to avoid sharp bends in hose.
To avoid twisting in hose lines 
bent in two planes, clamp hose at 
change of plane, as shown. 
direct-routing-hose distorion-hose
Obtain direct routing of hose 
through use of 45° and 90° adapters 
and fittings. Improve appearance 
by avoiding excessive hose length.
To prevent twisting and distortion, 
hose should be bent in the same 
plane as the



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