General instructions for proper hose storage

Rubber hose products in storage can be affected adversely by: temperature extremes, humidity, ozone, sunlight, oils, solvents, direct light from fluorescent or mercury lamps, corrosive liquids and fumes, insects, rodents and radioactive materials. Proper storage will maximize hose shelf life while unusually long storage could affect the performance of the product. If there is any doubt about the serviceability of the product contact your supplier.

Proper Storing

The appropriate method for storing hose depends upon many factors including: hose Id and length, the quantity to be stored, and its packaging. Care should be taken when stacking hose, as its weight can crush hose at the bottom of the stack. Hose which is shipped in coils or bales should be stored so that the coils are in a horizontal plane. 

Whenever feasible, rubber hose products should be stored in their original shipping containers, especially any container that provides some protection against the deteriorating conditions described above. 



The ideal temperature for the storage of rubber products ranges from 50˚F to 70˚F (10-21°C) with a maximum limit of 100˚F (38°C). If stored below 32˚F (0°C), most rubber products will become rigid requiring warming before being processed or placed in service. 


To avoid the adverse effects of high ozone concentration, rubber hose products should not be stored near electrical equipment that may generate ozone or be stored for any lengthy period in geographical areas of known high ozone concentration. Exposure to direct or reflected sunlight, even through windows, should also be avoided. Uncovered hose should not be stored under fluorescent or mercury lamps which generate light waves harmful to rubber. 

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Storage areas should be relatively cool and dark, and free of dampness and mildew. Items should be stored on a first-in, firstout basis, since even under the best of conditions, an unusually long shelf life could deteriorate certain rubber products.


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