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Content under reserve - results non-binding. We recommend to test the chosen materials in case of doubt.

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Step 2: Results

For more detailed information on the performance of the different material grades, please contact your local GOODALL representative. The compatibility score disregards potential reaction between the selected chemicals.


  • 1 May be used for continuous service
  • 2 May be used for intermittent service
  • 3 Insufficient data, contact customer services
  • 4 Do not use

Chosen chemicals

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    • tekno 20°c 68°f

      tekno 20°c 68°f

      • guardian


        • inferno iso

          inferno iso

          • oilfield chemical transfer

            oilfield chemical transfer

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            • acidkem sd

              acidkem sd

              • tanker sd flexotek 7bar

                tanker sd flexotek 7bar

                • milko sd lite

                  milko sd lite

                  • water discharge red

                    water discharge red

                    • metalvisor ss316l tube ss304 braid

                      metalvisor ss316l tube ss304 braid

                      • thermoflex


                        • nutralon


                          • aqua sd

                            aqua sd

                            • titon black

                              titon black

                              • universal


                                • abrader sd flexotek 7bar

                                  abrader sd flexotek 7bar

                                  • alligator sd flexoline

                                    alligator sd flexoline

                                    • nitrogen


                                      • ostra


                                        • petralflo d

                                          petralflo d

                                          • diamond d

                                            diamond d

                                            • multiserv


                                              • tanker sd flexotek 10bar

                                                tanker sd flexotek 10bar

                                                • acidkem d

                                                  acidkem d

                                                  • nutralon sd lite

                                                    nutralon sd lite

                                                    • tanker sd flexoline 10bar

                                                      tanker sd flexoline 10bar

                                                      • abrader sd

                                                        abrader sd

                                                        • petralflo sd

                                                          petralflo sd

                                                          • kemflex 20°c 68°f

                                                            kemflex 20°c 68°f

                                                            • titon red

                                                              titon red

                                                              • arbit


                                                                • nutralon sd

                                                                  nutralon sd

                                                                  • tanker sd

                                                                    tanker sd

                                                                    • tekno 60°c 140°f

                                                                      tekno 60°c 140°f

                                                                      • tanker sd flexoline 7bar

                                                                        tanker sd flexoline 7bar

                                                                        • saxon


                                                                          • blue guardian

                                                                            blue guardian

                                                                            • multiserv black

                                                                              multiserv black

                                                                              • super inferno

                                                                                super inferno

                                                                                • kemflex 60°c 140°f

                                                                                  kemflex 60°c 140°f

                                                                                  • unispiral


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