Conductivity, safety assured

We know safety 

GOODALL® knows the hazards of static electricity. What’s more, we have created an innovative of conductive hose products to minimize risk to you and your employees; thereby decreasing your liability and preventing devastating results. Our innovative conductive compounds assist you in grounding the assembly for added security and safety.

What is static electricity?

It can also be generated by repeated contact and separation between unlike materials, like material flowing through a rubber hose. The build-up of static charge is influenced by the insulating properties of the transfer media and
its flow rate. External factors, such as humidity and temperature, can vary the generation of the static charge, creating an unpredictable amount of static. Flammable and combustible liquids can present a static electricity hazard depending on their;

  • ability to generate static electricity,
  • how well they conduct electricity (conductivity), and
  • their flash point.

The build-up of static electricity can create a spark that has the potential to produce a fire or devastating explosion. 

Too often, this risk is not considered.

It's in the construction

To minimize the risk of electrostatic build up, we engineered 5 distinctive hoses with conductive compounds, where all rubber components of the hose can dissipate the electrical charges. The premium carbon black within the compounds, create a pathway to dissipate the charge. Our line of conductive hoses are product and operator safe.

STEAMInferno ISO 6134-2A
CHEMICALAcidkem D EN 12115
CHEMICALAcidkem SD EN 12115
CHEMICALKemflex SD EN 12115

Our Proprietary formulations are designed for hose solutions that work and keep on working. The core is always braided for strength, flexibility, and kink resistance. As with all hoses within the GOODALL® family, our conductive hoses exceed international industry standards and conform to established industry standards from Europe.


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