Tekno SD LITE: A hose with a memory

GOODALL Tekno SD Lite bounces back to its original shape: its helical monofilament enables our hose to regain its shape after being crushed and abused. It’s the only brand of chemical hose you’ll find hard at work after years on the job. Developed for use in chemical plants, ships, barges and tank truck service.


To minimize the risk of electrostatic build up, the Tekno SD Lite had been engineered with conductive compounds, where all rubber components of the hose can dissipate electrical charges. The premium carbon black within the compounds, create a pathway to dissipate the charge. Our proprietary formulations are designed for hose solutions that work and keep on working. The core is always braided for strength, flexibility, and kink resistance. As with all hoses within the Goodall family, our conductive hoses exceed the international industry standards.


Tube: UHMWPEtekno-sd-lite-new-logo.png    
Cover: EPDM
Reinforcements : multiple textile braids
Max pressure: 250 PSI (17 BAR)
Max temperature: -40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C)
Inner diameters: ¾” - 4” (19mm to 100mm)
Quality ISO 9001- Environmental ISO 14001 - EN12115

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