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Decreasing the hazard, increasing the safety

Goodall® knows the hazards of static electricity. What’s more, we have created an innovative line of conductive hose products to minimize risk to you and your employees; thereby decreasing your liability and preventing devastating results. Our innovative conductive compounds assist your grounding the assembly for added security and safety.


To minimize the risk of electrostatic build up, we engineered 5 distinctive hoses with conductive compounds, where all rubber components of the hose can dissipate the electrical charges. The premium carbon black within the compounds, create a pathway to dissipate the charge. Our line of conductive hoses are product and operator safe.

  • STEAM Inferno ISO 6134-2A
  • CHEMICAL Tekno SD EN 12115
  • CHEMICAL Acidkem D EN 12115
  • CHEMICAL Acidkem SD EN 12115
  • CHEMICAL Kemflex SD EN 12115

Our Proprietary formulations are designed for hose solutions that work and keep on working.

The core is always braided for strength, flexibility, and kink resistance. As with all hoses within the Goodall® family, our conductive hoses exceed international industry standards and conform to established industry standards from Europe.

When you need added safety, there’s only one name.




Goodall Keeps Getting Better: New Technologies, Facility Produces Gold Standard in Industrial Hose Solutions  

Specialized Products Reduce Risks, Offer Overall Longer Product Lifecycle

COLLINGWOOD, Ontario, August 17, 2015 — Continuous improvements and attention to detail have made Goodall products successful by providing quality critical service solutions, end-to-end product engineering and delivering innovation for over 100 years. Goodall ships NH3, (anhydrous ammonia), LPG, chemical and steam hose to customers all over the world from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Collingwood, Ontario.  

“With the technical knowledge of our manufacturing staff, we can customize any product to develop unique and innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers,” said Karl Letsche, plant manager.  “Goodall hose products deliver peace-of-mind, something that can only be achieved with risk reduction and longer product life cycles – precisely what the quality of a Goodall hose has offered to customers for over 100 years."

Goodall hoses are made from proprietary compounds developed in accordance with global industry standards. The core of the product is braided (not spiraled) for better kink resistance, which increases the integrity of the hose. The Goodall manufacturing facility in Collingwood has achieved nearly 100 percent on-time delivery in 2015 with less than four weeks from order to receipt on all core products. The facility is ISO 14001: 2004 environmentally certified and recently received quality recertification for ISO 9001: 2008.

Goodall products are distributed by Lewis-Goetz in the USA and ERIKS in Canada and Europe.  

About Goodall®

Goodall® has produced the gold standard in industrial hose solutions for over 100 years.  Throughout the years we have built a name and reputation in North America and are now an active brand in the European market.  Providing superior quality products and continually investing in new, innovative and market-oriented hose-solutions is the power behind the brand name that has established trust with our customers.  The quality of the product is evident with each hose that bears the Goodall® logo.  All hose connections are tested in our hose and coupling labs and in the field. Our R&D department develops the necessary assembly techniques and our distributors assemble precisely to our instructions so you can rest assured that the end user is working safely while using our product.  For more information visit www.Goodallhoses.com.




Goodall®, the manufacturer of premium industrial rubber hoses, has moved its production facility.  The company has decided to invest in the local market because of the exceptional workforce and the historical success the company has had working within the local community.  The investment reinforces our commitment to continuous improvement, through the introduction of new technology, increased research and development capabilities and the investment in people.  The new facility is double the size that housed the manufacturing plant for 46 years.  The expanded capabilities of the facility has allowed access to new global markets.




Goodall® has been evaluating its steam hoses and the competitors steam hoses for more than four decades. The test conditions and procedures used by Goodall® have been based on the industry recognized and accepted US Military steam hose specification requirements. “New” steam hoses claiming different or “improved” tube compounds and/or higher safety factors are continually being introduced to the market. A side by side 1000 hr steam rack test confirms that.

gahose.png chose.png

Although it is not known exactly when the “popcorning” or tube blistering first appeared, it is known that these conditions occurred very early into the test. It has been recognized for many years that Chlorobutyl is the best tube polymer to resist the effects of steam aging and the formation of “popcorning” or tube blisters.
Goodall®’s Dante, Inferno, Inferno EN ISO 6134 and its new Super Inferno steam hoses incorporate the same Chlorobutyl tube which has proven itself for more than 40 years. The photo of the ‘Goodall® hose’ displays Goodall®’s Super Inferno after being subjected to the same test conditions and time as the picture of the ‘competitors hose’.

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