Oilfield hoses

Goodall® Hoses offers a wide range of oilfield hoses, which are suitable for different industries. A few examples are:

  • Dry bulk hoses
  • Hot air blower hoses
  • Water suction hoses
  • Chemical hoses
  • Frac discharge hoses
  • Petroleum tank truck hoses

Oildfield hoses can be used for:

  • Petroleum oils
  • Grease
  • Dispensing diesel fuel 
  • Gasoline

Selecting the right oilfield hoses

There are different kinds of oilfield hoses. Which type you need depends on the industry and types of fuel you use. Goodall® Hoses can advise you on the type of oilfield hose that is best suitable for your application. 

Customized oilfield hoses

We offer customized solutions for all your hose challenges! For more information about a customized oilfield hoses please go to our contact page and we will contact you as soon as possible. 


We have a wide range of oil and oilfield hoses that are compliant with the European EN1761:1999 norm, in which electric conductivity is key.

About Goodall Hoses

Goodall is not just an expert in oilfield hoses manufacturing. We supply hoses in all shapes, sizes and for several applications. We are market leader in steam, lpg and anhydrous ammonia hoses. Goodall is an internationally recognized brand, thanks to our unique products and our dedication to invest in relationships with our distributors.

More information about our food grade hose

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