Fracking Hose

Are you looking for a fracking hose that comes up to your demands? Please contact Goodall, we have all of the quality hose products you need to support your frac site operations.

Types of fracking hoses

At Goodall, we manufacture: dry bulk hoses, hot air blower hoses, water suction hoses, chemical hoses, frac discharge hoses and petroleum tank truck hoses.

Fracking hoses for oil and petroleum applications

Every customer requires different products and that’s why Goodall doesn’t supply only one type of fracking hoses, but several types. A few of the fracking industry hoses that are used for oil and petroleum applications:

  • Oilfield Fracturing: high performance rugged abrasion resistant discharge hose for conveying fracturing fluid from the blender to the pumps on oilfield fracturing job sites;
  • Tanker SD Flexotek: suction and delivery hose for hydrocarbon fuels and mineral oils having an aromatic content of maximum 55% by volume. This hose is designed for use in tank truck and other general industrial fluid transfer operations;
  • Arctic Blue Fox: suction and discharge hose for the transfer of petroleum-based products such as gasoline, oil and diesel.

Fracking hoses for LPG applications

Other than fracking hoses for oil and petroleum applications, Goodall also supplies fracking hoses that are used for LPG applications. A few examples are:

  • Elephant Hide: premium LPG transfer hose for demanding conditions. This fracking hose is designed specifically for tank truck service (MC330 and MC331)
  • Diamond D: superior discharge hose for liquid and gaseous butane, propane (LPG) or a mixture of both media. This type of rubber hose is very suitable as a reel hose.
  • Many more!

Goodall supplies many more types of fracking hoses

To find out which types of hoses Goodall supplies in the oil and gas market, please visit this page.

Questions about a fracking hose Goodall supplies?

If you have a question about one of our fracking hoses, please feel free to contact us. You can contact us by filling in the form on this page or by sending an email to: info@goodallhoses.com.

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