Petroleum tank truck hose

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Petroleum tank truck hoses at Goodall

With over a 100 years of experience, we know what our customers need. We supply different types of petroleum tank truck hoses for customers all over the world. Which tank truck hoses do we have?

  • Petraflo SD: this superior suction and discharge hose is developed for filling and discharging tanks, petrol tankers and ships with hydrocarbon fuels and mineral oils having an aromatic content of maximum 50% by volume. The hose is made of conductive rubber compounds. The static charge can be safely conducted through the conductive hose wall. In accordance with EN12115:2011 and EN1761:1999
  • Tanker SD: as the name might suggest: this petroleum tank truck hose is developed for suction and discharge of mineral oils and hydrocarbon fuels. 
  • Tanker SD Flexoline: this rubber hose is developed for tank truck and general industrial applications. The special Flexoline construction of the hose makes it very light, extreme flexible and easy to handle.
  • Elephant Hide and Elephant Hide Plus: these two hoses are both very suitable for the transfer of petroleum on tank trucks under demanding conditions

GOODALL knows safety

Goodall knows the hazards of static electricity. What’s more, we have created an innovative line of conductive hose products to minimize risk to you and your employees; thereby decreasing your liability and preventing devastating results. Our innovative conductive compounds assist you in grounding the assembly for added security and safety. Have a look at our EN12115 and EN1761 normed hoses !

Other rubber hose products at Goodall

Next to supplying the world’s best petroleum tank truck hoses, Goodall is also active in other markets, such as:

  • Mining: as you might guess, all hoses that fall within this market are extremely abrasion resistant, because of the conditions is has to endure
  • Pulp & Paper / Wood: these rubber hoses can be easily cleaned and are therefore ideal for this industry
  • Food and Beverage: these hoses are very resistant to fluctuating temperatures and therefore ideal for this industry

More information about one of our petroleum tank truck hoses 

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