Petrochemical hose

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Applications for the petrochemical hose

The name speaks volumes: the petrochemical hose is used in the chemical and petrochemical market. Our petrochemical hoses are designed for use in chemical plants, ships, barges, tank truck services but also for general industrial applications.

Different types of petrochemical hoses

Over 40 years ago Kemflex was invented. Kemflex is the first hose specifically formulated for a broad spectrum of chemicals. Till this day we still use this hose, but we also designed petrochemical hoses that are designed for special applications. A few examples of our different types of petrochemical hoses:

  • Kemflex: this hose is a braided construction that is flexible and to resistant to kinking
  • Kemflex SD: this hose is designed with fully conductive rubber compounds for added safety and is ideal for applications in which static electricity can occur
  • Super Kemflex: this hose is light, extremely flexible and kink- and crush resistance
  • Solvece SD: suction and discharge hose developed to handle chemical products such as acids, alkalis, esters and ketones
  • Many more!

Why should I contact Goodall Hoses?

At Goodall, we have been providing the best hose solutions for over 100 years. The quality construction of our hoses delivers high performance with a low lifetime cost. Thanks to our culture of continuous improvement and learning, we always make sure that the quality of our hoses comes up to the changing needs of our customers.

Where to buy the Goodall’s hoses?

To assure that our customers always get our products, we have a wide a range of partners all over the world. The countries in which we are active:

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