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chemical-1.jpg Are you looking for a chemical hose that can be customized to your own specific needs and demands? Please contact Goodall Hoses! Other than customized products, we have a very wide range of standard products.

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Applications of chemical hoses

The hoses that Goodall develops for the chemical and petrochemical market can be used for different applications as well. For example:

  • for use in chemical plants, ship, barge and tank truck service;
  • for discharging applications for different types of acids, alkalis, esters and ketones;
  • for transferring aggressive chemicals to hydraulic fracturing blenders in pressure, gravity flow and/ or suction service;
  • for loading and unloading between truck and storage tank.

Types of chemical hoses

The first chemical hose rolled off the line about 50 years ago. And this specific hose has been the benchmark ever since. With 9 different types of hoses that can be used for chemical applications and the possibility to develop a customized product, Goodall Hoses can always get you what you need. A few of the chemical hoses that we have in stock:

  • Kemflex (290kB): this braided construction is flexible and very resistant to kinking;
  • Tekno_SD (247kB): this chemical hose is designed with fully conductive rubber compounds for added safety;
  • Solveco_SD (326kB): this chemical hose is developed in accordance with EN12115:2011.

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Mainly because Goodall Hoses keeps on investing in improving our products and people, we can always make sure that the quality of our hoses lives up to the changing needs of our customers.

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