Agricultural hoses

Agricultural hoses for different purposes

In the agricultural industry, hoses are needed for different applications, like transfer grain, primary production or provide ventilation. Goodall delivers the agricultural hoses you need. From stock, or tailored to your needs.

Agricultural hoses for irrigation

For an effective irrigation, the right hoses are needed. You will need to transfer water for the irrigation process. Goodall offers the right efficient hose with minimal loss.

Advantages of Goodall as your agricultural hoses supplier

  • Large stock to meet your needs
  • Highest quality of materials
  • Agricultural hoses are designed for high performances
  • Extremely flexible solutions for equipment
  • Lightweight and cost effective hoses
  • Withstand very high and very low temperatures

Safety of agricultural hoses is our priority

When you have to deal with different kinds of products and liquids, safety is very important. For example: ammonia, an extremely dangerous substance. An anhydrous ammonia hose has to be safe and must not fail under heavy conditions. Our Anhydrous Ammonia hose:

  • Has a warranty of 10 years; 
  • Withstands temperatures from -40℃ to +86℃;
  • Is easy to handle;
  • Is flexible and lightweight;
  • Is abrasion resistant.

More information about agricultural hoses

For inquiries or more information about agricultural hoses, please fill out our contact form or find a Goodall® supplier near you. You can use this form for questions about our customized hosing solutions as well.

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