Environmental Sustainability

Here at Goodall in Collingwood ON, it is our responsibility to improve our own sustainability performance through the way we run our business. As an ISO14001 certified company, we use an environmental management system to maintain regulatory and legal compliance while staying committed to reducing waste we send to landfill.

We promote reusing and recycling while minimizing the consumption of natural resources. Specifically, we encourage our employees to drive initiatives to reduce waste which include sorting and recycling materials, donating used technology equipment, and working with third party companies to recycle used rubber, wire, and paper.

Our Sustainability Statement signals an intent to continue to operate environmentally friendly and is a platform to engage with employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to create a sustainable future that benefits everyone.

Let’s make an impact that matters. Together.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Environment or Safety Department, please contact our EHS Coordinator “Arianna Kailan” at 705-606-4086

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